Steelhead Fly Patterns: Fly tying videos

This page features our best steelhead fly patterns. These links take you to a page with a YouTube fly tying videos demonstrating how to tie the fly, a high resolution image of the finished steelhead fly, and a fly pattern recipe. Click on the steelhead fly pattern link (not the photo!).

Olympic Penninsula Winter Steelhead

Tube Fly Patterns, Leeches, Intruders

Steelhead love big slimy, articulated, freaky, purplish, feathery weird creeps. Tie some, and hang on.

Hartwick’s Hoser

Sculpin Bunny Intruder
Fly 20

Freckled Marabou Tube
Marabou tube using Senyos predator wrap uv freckled silver

Fly 17

Steak and Eggs
Fly 7

Senyo’s Slim Shady

Senyo’s Artificial Intelligence
slim shady

Senyo’s Dr. Feelgood

Samurai steelhead pattern

Sylvie’s Tandem Tube

Tandem tube fly

Stickel’s Solar Flare

Tri-color steelhead tube
Tri color steelhead tube

Barred-rabbit strip tube fly
Simple rabbit on a pro tube

Pro-tube Popsicle

Articulated Starlight Leech
darians starlite areticulator

Hot head summer tube fly
Hot Head Summer Tube

Hickman’s Flash Taco

Barrett’s Egg-sucking Tarantula

Pro Tube Spey Prawn
Pro Tube Spey Plume shrimp fly

ProTube Popsicle

Pro Tube Popcicle

Pro Tube Bunny Leech
Pro Tube leach

Copper Miner Tube Fly
Copper Minor Steelhead Pro Tube fly

Blue Hoochie: Inspired by Howell’s Prom Dress
Blue Hoochi Winter steelhead pro tube fly

Pro Tube Green Butt Skunk
Pro Tube Green Butt Skunk Fly

Pro Tube Winter’s Hope
Pro Tube Winters Hope

Marabou Tube Fly
Marabou Steelhead tube

Tony’s Shrimpinator Tube Fly
Tony's Pro Tube Shrimp

Tony’s Coppinator Tube Fly
Tony's Pro Tube Coppinator

Steelhead Zonker Leech
Ronald McDonald Steelhead Zonker

Purple Tube Leech
Torrence Tube Rabbit

Tony’s Temple Tube
Torrence Ice Wing Dog

MOAL Leech

Egg-sucking leech
Egg sucking leech

Steelhead Wooly Bugger
Jay's Steelhead Bugger

Jay’s Shorty dubbed head egg-sucking leech

Shank-style Intruder
tying intruder flies

Traditional style steelhead flies:
These are unweighted, typically summer steelhead fly patterns, used in Oregon’s great summer steelhead waters like the Willamette, Umpqua, Rogue and Deschutes Rivers.

Steelhead Muddler Minnow

Spey Iron: Flame Boss
flame boss steelhead fly

Silver Hilton Spider

Garden Hackle
Garden Hackle Variant

Blue Fox

Red Ant
rogue river red ant

Anadromous Royal Coachman
coachman wet

Green Butt Skunk
green butt skunk variation

Steelhead October Caddis Wet

Micro Polar Peril
Micro Polar Peril

Super Polar Shrimp
Enhanced Polar Shrimp

Brad’s Brat (Winter)
Brad's Brad Winter Steelhead Tie

Purple Slip Knot

purple slip knot

Shedlock Spider

Foam Top Steelhead Skater

foam top skater steelhead pattern

Mack’s Canyon
mack's canyon summer steelhead fly

Purple Peril
Fancy Peril

Jay’s Steelhead Simplicity

Cummings Steelhead Pattern
Tony's Cummings

Dec Hogan Summer Bug
Dec Hogan Summer Bug

Alec Jackson Spade Skunk
Tony's Spade Skunk

Purple Skunk
Tony's Purple Skunk

Sparse Muddler Minnow
Sparsely Tied Muddler

Jay Nicholas’ Summer Steelhead fly
Summer Steelhead Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Series

Jay Nicholas’ Summer Steelhead Chenille

Classic Summer Steelhead Series Orange and Black

Muddler Minnow
Blonde Muddler

Signal Light
freight train

Purple Western Soft Hackle

Freight Train
signal light

Syd Glasso Quillayute
Mike Brooks' flies

Ally’s Shrimp
Mike Brooks' flies

The Editor
Mike Brooks' flies

Steelhead Egg Patterns, Dead Drift Flies:
For when swinging just doesn’t work. Or when you’re just feeling dirty. Get out the Bobbinator and lay some winter steelhead waste with these beauties.

The Real Deal
the real deal egg pattern steelhead egg fly

Pearly Pink Egg Dart
Pearly Pink Egg Dart

Jay’s Best Steelhead Egg Ever
Best Egg Ever Steelhead Egg Pattern

Low water wiggle egg
Low water wiggle egg steelhead egg pattern

Frizzle Chenille Steelhead Prawn
Frizzle Chennile Winter Steelhead Prawn

UV Yarn Steelhead Egg Pattern

Steelhead Ugly Bug
Steelhead Ugly Bug

Kaufmann’s Dredger
Pink Steelhead Dredger

Winter Steelhead Cocktail Shrimp

The Glo-bug
Fall Flies Fishing Oregon

The Lowly Glowly
Fall Flies Fishing Oregon

Marabou Steelhead Jig
Jay's Marabou Jig

Parachute Egg Cluster

Parachute Egg Cluster Egg fly

Hidden Bead Steelhead Jig
Hidden Bead Steelhead Jig

Hot legs steelhead Nymph
Frizzle Chenille Steelhead Nymph

Bead-head Lifter

Fox’s Fertilizer
Fox's Fertilizer

Jay’s Total Domination Steelhead Egg
Jay's Total Domination Egg

14 Responses to Steelhead Fly Patterns: Fly tying videos

  1. I line in Michigan and we are hoping for some rain soon to get the steelhead running. I will try out some of these patterns and hope they work well for the Great Lakes Steelies!!!

  2. titus fisher says:

    ‘m looking for some help tying some steelhead fly’s for the clearwater and salmon river’s of Idaho. I’d appreciate some help with pattern’s and tying techniques. Thank’s.

  3. titus fisher says:

    I would appreciate some suggestion’s with fly pattern’s for the clearwater and salmon river’s of Idaho.

  4. Mark says:

    Like to see Pick yer Pocket pattern instructions/video.
    Good job on the intruder!

  5. Jim says:

    A tutorial/vedio of “Morrish’s Deep October Caddis” would be great!

  6. Marc Procopio says:

    Would like to see tutorial on “morrish’s medusa”!!! The popsicle version. Keep up the good work on you tube Jay!

  7. Josh says:

    My daughter wants to comment…

    I like your beautiful flies, they are colorful.
    Neva /Age 6

  8. David O'Connor says:

    Any chance on a vid of how to tie a Pic Yer Pocket?

    Many thanks

  9. Brian says:

    Thanks for updating the patterns-especially since it’s the beginning of winter steelhead.

  10. Dan Roope says:

    Great collection of Steelhead Flies! “The Best” — Alaska to Idaho, Michigan to the Northwest!

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  12. chris minard says:

    I was hoping to now what flies where good for the Clearwater river and the little salmon please let me know.
    thank you

  13. Bruce Carlson says:

    Please email any information on what is available in the Necanicum River at Seaside OR in the middle of July.

  14. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    The short answer is not much. July is mostly for sea run cutthroat and good action depends on cool or foggy day to cool the water. Fall chinook show up in September and October, followed by winter steelhead. A few summer Chinook are in the Nehalem estuary but this is a complicated and challenging fly fishery. Dory based fly fishing charters are available in Pacific City via Pacific City Fly Fishing (google search to find John and Jack Harrell). A few charter boats out of Astoria might accept fly anglers for Albacore but these are mostly bait and lure fishing trips. JN

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