Nicholas’ Signal Light Summer Steelhead Fly

Ok, this is not EXACTLY the original Signal Light steelhead fly pattern. This simplified, sparsely tied fly is one that displays the philosophy of my Steelhead Simplicity Series of flies. These flies are usually a little slimmer, a little sparser than the commercially offered flies. These flies catch summer steelhead. Dependably. Over and over, year after year.

Brace yourself, more of my summer steelhead fly adaptations will follow shortly.


Nicholas’ Signal Light

Hook: TMC 7999 #6
Butt: Glo Brite Floss, chartreuse and fucsia
Rib: Lagartun small oval silver tinsel
Body: STS Trilobal Dubbin, black
Collar: Whiting Hen Cape, natural black, short
Wing: Moose body, short, sparse



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3 Responses to Nicholas’ Signal Light Summer Steelhead Fly

  1. gregH says:

    THAT is a winner… summer steelhead are out there and “active” right now.

  2. Rob Woods says:

    That looks sweet! Kinda like the old standby green butt skunk with a hit of hot pink. I’m just getting into steelhead fishing. Has that been a successful pattern for you?

  3. steelhead23 says:

    One man’s signal light is another man’s Undertaker. Kaufmann’s whole series of multi-colored butt flies were inspired by the Undertaker. The fly shown is more of an Undertaker (except the body should be peacock) than a signal light which usually has a purple tail and purple hackle. But why quibble about names – the undertaker and all her children are great fish catchers, especially in small sizes (6 and 8).

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