Senyo’s Artificial Intelligence Steelhead Fly Tying Video

Greg Senyo shows us another of his favorite Steelhead patterns. The fly has excellent movement and flash. It reminds me a bit of a prawn style pattern. The A.I can be tied in numerous color variations.


Senyo’s Artificial Intelligence

Thread: Ultra Thread 70 Olive
Shank: Copper 25mm Senyo Articulated Shank
Loop: Chartreuse Senyo Intruder Wire
Butt: Chartreuse Krystal Chenille
Eyes: 4 Medium Black Bead Chain
Body: UV Copper Polar Chenille
Wing: Chartreuse Lady Amherst Tail
Chartreuse Shimmer Fringe
Gold Speckled Flashabou
Copper Speckled Flashabou
Kelly Green Flashabou
Hackle: Brown Schlappen palmered through eyes
Collar: Chartreuse Guinea
Eye: Chartreuse Real Fake Jungle Cock Eyes
Glue: Brush-on Zap-a-Gap

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