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  1. Fred Hayes says:

    thanks for all the inspiration!! i am a newb and have worked hard over the last year to build my skills and knowledge through your site and sharing time with my kids fly fishing.

    Wheeeerrrreeee did JC hook up with those salmon posted on 11/6? i have my driftboat hooked to the truck, a pocket full of gas money (retired @ 46 and ready to hunt trout~~harrop) and i want a dozen or two of the flies he used, as i am headed to Chetco on monday with a guide named Vanhook …….will stop in today @ lunch time as i live in Roseburg.

    keep up the good work!!!

  2. Tony Brooks says:

    A Montana Bighorn guide I hired a few years ago drifted a “Northwest Boats” made in Roseburg,OR. I’m looking to purchase a drift boat for guiding to be used on tailwaters in East TN and Western NC. I liked the boat but I’m having trouble finding any info about the company on the net.

    Any information or advice you can share would be appreciated.


  3. Having recently started my own blog over here in the U.K. I know the work that goes into it. Your is a true insparation to us all, and one I will follow.

    The fly tying pattens I can adapt, and they keep me up to date with all that’s new in materials, and new dressings.

    Who knows one day I may just get over and fish some of the wonderful rivers you talk about.

    Kind wishes, and best regards.


  4. Gene says:

    Could you please later this week post a new report or send one to me. Next weekend is my traditional B-Day weekend to spend on the Mac. It would be nice to know what is happening with some possible March Browns, or the standy-by possie bug affair.

    We always stop in and pick up some stuff!!

  5. I loved your “blog” but I am a hairdresser in northern Minnesota who wants to buy some of your feathers. How do I order them? Or are you really out????!!!

  6. Justin Padgett says:

    I am headed to the the North Umpqua and have tied some Molded head flies for the Fly fishing only area. I have read the regulation a dozen times. Is a Jig considered a legitimate fly fishing only fly. The last thing I need is a ticket. I know it is not during June on. how about now though. I am just very confused. Thx for your time Justin

  7. Steve says:

    Hi guys!

    Thanks for all of the posts…keeps me eager to wake up and check the blog in the morning! If I can’t go fishing every day, I can at least live vicariously through you all.

    I haven’t seen any Oregon saltwater fishing posts since…November?!?!?! What’s going on out there? Any lings being caught? What about a surf perch post?


  8. ray says:

    hey what kind of clamp should i get on that hooks to a table or one that has a base

  9. Jamie Ellis says:

    You guys have a tight website. I was hoping you could take a look at mine and do a review or we could exchange links or whatever. is the site, let me know what you think and have a good day.

  10. I was just curious to if you have feathers still in stock. I am just wondering how I can get ahold of some. Please let me know.


  11. Rod Dines says:

    Going to be at the in-laws this coming Christams in The Dalles. I always fly fish for steelhead on the Lower Deschutes but have never tried the John Day. Well I have pulled plugs several times in the Narrrow area. Is there access to the lower river above the Narrows over there. I think I have found one raod to the lower portion of the river. I here it can be good in the later winter. You can send me a email to my email account if you want.

  12. nj schafer says:

    just returned from diamond lake with five non-flyfishers, the bug life is as follows; three diff. sizes chrononmids a few ultrasmall, most size 14-16 but quite a few “bombers” started tues. some of the adults a cinnamon color. about a 12. may flies, soot black size14. dun 14-16 and a few size 12 starting to come off yest. but could not catch one. many of the fish had “grating” bellies from snails. largest fish on a “cottage grove special” from curt nyquist(!) fish are in great shape-imagine all they have to do to survive is swim with mouth open! regards norm

  13. Richard Whitehouse says:

    Hi Jay
    In one of your video you are tying a Moal Leech with a two tone white/ blue cross cut rabbit strip that you say is great in clear water, can you tell me where i might purchase it. I there a special name for it. Great tying keep up the great work. Regards Richard

  14. Jade says:

    I am interested in purchasing a variety of colors of your long feathers. Please email or call me at 7123040657 with information on pricing and purchasing. I live in Iowa.
    Thank You In Advance!

  15. Fabie says:

    Thank you for all the help! My husband is going to be super stoked to hear about you all 🙂

  16. cher says:

    great site! good job with narrative and photos. Can’t wait to get back to the Rogue.

  17. Ben Rowell says:

    I started tying about one year ago and decided to use the internet as my teacher. I came across you blog shortly after I got started and it has become my go to site for learning new techniques and patterns. I appreciate the time and effort you put into the tying videos. I am a visual learner and would be struggling if not for you tutorials. Thank you very much!

    Palmer, Alaska

  18. Evert ten Brinke says:

    Hi there,
    I was looking for a cool sticker for my boat.
    I found your sticker and i would LOVE to have your sticker on my boat.
    Can you please send me one or two stickers?

    Btw i live in the Netherlands

  19. Josh greenwald says:

    wanted to comment on your amazing and detailed information. ill admit I am a beginner steelheader, first season,none caught, actually. however your blog and fly tying videos have kept me dreaming…just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you guys do!

  20. Clarence Lehr says:

    This is my first time on your Blog. I think it is fasinating and look forward to daily visits.
    Today I received three parcels from The Caddis Fly Shop. Everything was just great. The products and the fast service is second to none. I look forward to doing more business in the near future.
    I do have one question:
    Where can I find heavy duty, nickel plated, down-eyed copper hooks in sizes from 4 to 10?
    I want to tie some “Egg Sucking Leaches” and that is the hook I am searching for.

    Thank you for your time. I hope that you have a positive response for me soon.

  21. Troy Dettman says:

    Chris, Hello , old friend with Ron mosher…doing a trip with Dec Hogan on the Grande ronde this Sept. 21,22,23rd and a second one 25th,26,27th. 1595.00 take a 10 % comish fee and sell some flies etc…Hoping you might have a few clients that would be interested?
    Thanks Hope your doing well…sold my NWangler shop about 4 years ago..just guiding now ! guides llc
    Troy Dettman
    206 554 1730

  22. leo says:

    Do you have any saddle in stock?

  23. Doug Leach says:

    How about some reports on flyfishing Diamond Lake, since it is open now.

  24. wayne westly says:

    Just returned from the Kanektok – tho’ fishing was “slow” and the river somewhat high for what is typical for the last week of June, we still caught numerous Kings per day on a fly and multiple more slinging gear. I am still tallying the numbers in my head as the whole trip was a blur of eat, sleep, fish. Highlight – swinging a skagit minnow (complements of Barrett), reel begins zinging, 45 min later a 30lb King is on the bank, photo’d then released, layed on the bank for 20 minutes just contemplating what had just happened. Also caught Chum every 3rd cast w/ on a pink chum-killer (complements of Clay) whenever we wanted a diversion from King-seeking. Thank you, Barrett, Clay and Chris all for your assistance.

  25. Kent Feldsted says:

    Thought I’d express my appreciation for the fine customer service I received from Kyle today. He took the time to give me a call & fix my order so I didn’t pay an uncomfortable amount to the USPS. Thanks!! I really appreciate it! I will be back for more.

  26. Brent Maher says:

    Tell Lou thanks for the tip yesterday 10/12/12 on mckenzie below Armitage park. took out a friend who has never held a fly rod and we swung up 15-18 little cutts on small wets, best was an Adams wet size 14. Fun afternoon even in the rain.

  27. nyc sanders says:

    hi y name is nyc and i have flyfished since i was 10 and only fished rivers and i wana start fishing lakes and i would love some advice on fishing trout on a lake thanks

  28. nyc sanders says:

    i need avice on how to catch trout on a lake in my kyak and if anyone could give me advice on flys and such that would be awsome

    frome lowell oregon.

  29. nyc sanders says:

    thank you guys for all your help and advice i cant think you guys enough for the help thanks!!

  30. Sandra Jenkins says:

    Hi Chris: I don’t think you will remeber me, I was a friend of David Shively. I came to Eugene and met you about 7 years ago. You gave me a trip itinerary for a New Zealand trip that December. Then I had problems with my knees and didn’t go. I since got one of my knee’s replaced and now I’m interested in planning a trip again. How does it look for New Zealand this December?
    Any other good trips? In Oregon maybe?


    Sandy Jenkins

  31. Rob Martin says:

    Awesome site and info! I am planning a motorcycle trip to Stevenson Washington at the end of July. I would like to camp/fly fish (preferably the same place) on my way up and back (coming from Phoenix). Any advice would be great. The bike is very capable, so the further off the beaten path, the better:)

  32. John Hepburn says:

    I hope this is not a real dumb question, I would like to subscribe to this blog, but I cant see where I can subscribe.

  33. David Johnson says:

    I love your fly tying videos and now I am armed with lots of your west coast flies for transplanted eastern steelheads in Ontario. But there is one cool looking video I can’t open – the Syd Glasso “Quillayute”. Am I doing something wrong? Keep up the great work.

  34. mark Clayton says:

    Good Morning,

    Driving up to fish your smaller coastal rivers next month for a week. Getting back in the steelhwead game. With a thousand flies to choose from, could you point me the right ditection.

    I am more of a minimalist and would prefer having a box full of several flies that work, for swinging, versus one of each and 200 in my box.

    I throw a 10′ 8 weight w both a floating and royal wolf 290 grain shooting head. If your budget was 100-150 in swinging type flies; what would you buy (size/pattern/amount) in each fly.

    Thank You,

  35. Mark Sleeper says:

    Hi I purchased some material from your shop to tie the Barrett’s bassmaster cascade killer, the one that is tied on a stinger hook, what size hook was that, and the vid will not open. it would be great if I could see a vid of this being tied Thanks Mark Sleeper.

  36. Stephan Knubel says:

    Good afternoon….My family and I have vacationed on the Northern Oregon coast for the past 20 years. I am a recreational fly fisherman in Utah, but have never fished Oregon in all the years I have been coming. We will be in Cannon Beach in mid-June, and was wondering if you all could direct me to some waters where we may be able to catch something….perhaps even something for dinner.

  37. Kyle Hillard says:

    Hay there, I work in north Dakota and don’t have much time to fish, i will be back in Oregon on April 1st. Where would be the best place to swing flies for steel head on that date in Oregon?

  38. Stephen Brown says:

    Lived in Oregon 40 years, lived on the Mckenzie in Leaburg 12 years until recently ( 2009) moved to Vegas. I have two old “Clackamas” fly rods and curious of their value. Can anyone help me? I have searched and searched with no luck.
    Thanks Steve

  39. aNDY says:


    First of all allow me to thank you for all of your hard work in putting together this newsletter and compiling all of the fantastic information you provide us your loyal readers with. It take a lot of time and energy to produce what you fine folks do all of the time.

    I guess I like reading a lot of the material, as it reminds me of when I was much younger and my “Buddies ” and I would hitch-hike to Eugene from Klamath Falls, as we went to OTI, and go to a football game and act handsome with the ladies in the dorms. We also did quite a bit of fishing in that area and we cook it up every Friday evening and share our Fish, ducks and Deer with those that did not engage in outdoor pursuits. The commons was always closed on that night, so in te winter we would take our frozen goods off of our window sills in the Winter, or out of the Freezer in a common area and enjoy and tell the stories to each other of how a particular fishing adventure went, on many of the Rivers in Oregon and Northern California.

    How all of managed to graduate is still a wonder to me. Those of us the did those outdoor activities reached some level of success in life and now we all enjoy a most comfortable retirement. Maybe the out of doors and an education helped.

    Anyhow, that was yesterday and today I would like to know if you can sign up to get your newsletter/Blog into my e-mail?

    Thanking in advance for your kind consideration and help. Thanks also for allowing me to rewind to some very wonderful memories of time spent in Oregon. Also, a very special thank you to Jay: I enjoy your very fine articles and the books of your authorship, they are simply outstanding. If I am able to assist you in any way that I am able, in making a trip to British Columbia let me know as you now have my e-mail address.


  40. Doug P. says:

    Is there an option to subscribe to your blog so that I will receive updates when posted? Thanks. Lots of great stuff here that I want to get through.

  41. chris curry says:

    To my utter astonishment, my well-documented application for disability unemployment was just denied. My left arm is now nearly useless and can only serve to fill a shirt sleeve after a day on the McKenzie with Chris Daughters. I might have managed the hours of casting while Chris slipped past threatening boulders and slid over whirlpools with casual ease, but the beefy trout he put me on, again and again, proved too much for my arm of flesh. The magistrate who reviewed my claim is clearly a golfer. I love golf… It keeps people off the rivers.

  42. Gary Howe says:

    I am attempting to tie Greg Senyo’s Black OCD. I have much of the materials and an actual fly I purchased from you but cannot figure out what material creates the bump or prop that flares and supports the ostrich herl. Is it a dubbing loop, brush or simply dubbed on straight away? Am curious to know! There does not appear to be a video for an OCD. Thank you

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