Best Steelhead Egg Patterns – Pearly Pink Egg Dart

This steelhead egg fly pattern looks a lot like Darian Hyde’s Steelhead Dart. The Pearly Pink Egg Dart fly is weighted well with the lead eyes, but you may substitute a wide variety of dumbbell eyes that are of brass or tungsten composition. I like the Pearl painted lead dumbbells because they are inexpensive, I know I will loose a lot of these flies, they have a nice bar between the eyes that make it easy to tie in and wind chenille to make the egg-head, and I like the pearl white color too.

The Pearly Pink Egg Dart is a steelhead fly that I usually fish in high clear water, and I am likely to fish this fly in larger streams than in very small streams.

Jay Nicholas
February 2012

Pearly Pink Egg Dart

Best Steelhead Egg Patterns – Pearly Pink Egg Dart

Thread: Lagartun 95 D Fl. Orange
Hook: Daiichi 2571 Boss Hook #2 & #4
Eyes: Hareline Painted Lead Eyes Large, Pearl
Tail: Eumer Arctic Fox Tail – pink
Tail enhancer: Fl Pink Krystal Flash
Body: Hareline Carded Chenille – Fl. White medium
Egg Head: Fl Orange Hareline medium carded chenille

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