Jay’s Winter Steelhead Simplicity v2 Pink

In Jay’s latest fly tying video he demonstrates palmering Dyed Grizzly saddle hackle, selecting hackle for web and the use of Polar Chenille as a collar on a steelhead fly. Don’t be shy on this one, feel free to substitute colors and a smaller size for a killer Summer steelhead pattern.


Hook: Daiichi 2151 #1,2
Thread: Lagartun 95D Black
Rear Body: Lagartun Mini Flat Braid Holo Silver
Body: STS Trilobal Dub, various colors
Rib: Copper Wire Med
Hackle: Reverse Palmered Dyed Grizzle Saddle Hackle
Collar 1: UV Polar Chenille Gold
Colar 2: Strung Saltwater Neck Hackle or Schlappen
Head: Liquid Fusion
Dryer: Big Fly Turner

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