Fly Tying Video: Tying the Steak and Eggs Steelhead Fly

Jay Nicholas shows how to tie a Steak and Eggs Steelhead fly.

A separate video shows how to create the little tube egg used on the trailer wire of this larger fly.
Another video shows how to create the articulated hook shank with trailer wire. We have included those at the bottom of this entry.

This fly is intended to fish as an intruder fly or simply like we did in the old days before Intruders when we just cast a fly out into the river and let it swing.

One great feature of this fly is that it really is light when tied with small eyes but sinks quite nicely.

The trailer egg on this fly is often very effective in terms of attracting a grab, or at least we think it is, because the fly just works.

Please Note, there is more than one fly that is referred to as the Steak and Eggs, this pattern caught our attention so we decided to feature it here.

Fly 7

Key materials of Steak and Eggs (this featured version) fly are noted as follows:

Thread – Veevus 6/0 or 10/0
Hook Daiichi Intruder Hook Black #4
Senyo’s Articulated Shank by Fish Skull
Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Wire
Hareline STS Trilobal Dub
Hareline Metz Soft Hackle, black
Hareline Solid Diamond Braid Tinsel, Black
Rib – Lagarun Oval silver Tinsel, small
Over-wing, Black Ostrich
Hareline Pseudo Eyes, Black/Chartreuse Medium or small

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  1. Ray says:

    Great Video(s). I, like most, are “visual learners”. Your videos are an excellent example of seeing/doing. Keep them coming.


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