Airbrushing Flies and Freckled Marabou Steelhead Tube Fly Tying Videos

Tony demonstrates how to use the new Copic Airbrushing Kit, Copic Markers, and Pattern Coloring Sheets on a natural feather. We have also used the Copic kit on synthetics and the Copic Markers are fantastic for adding contrast and coloration to innumerable fly patterns. Saltwater anglers are going to love this stuff. The Game Changer by Blane Chocklett comes to mind using Minnow Body Wrap and Articulated Fish Spines, then coloring the body of the fly with the Airbrush Kit. Coloring bass poppers becomes a breeze and the list goes on and on.

airbrushing feathers with copic markers and airbrush kit

Our second video is a sweet looking Marabou tube fly designed for steelhead and and coho salmon. The fly utilizes three feathers Tony has airbrushed for color variation as well as a cool new Freckled Predator Wrap designed by Greg Senyo.

Marabou tube using Senyos predator wrap uv freckled silver

Freckled Marabou Tube

Tube: Pro Nano Tube Clear
Weight: Medium Drop
Thread Veevus 8/0 Black
Butt: Pink UV Polar Chenille
Collar 1: Bright Purple Marabou Airbrushed with Blue Copic Marker
Collar 2: Senyo’s Freckled Predator Wrap Speckled Silver
Collar 3: Pink Marabou Airbrushed with Purple Copic Marker
Collar 4: White Schlappen Airbrushed with Pink and Purple Copic Markers
Cone: Ultra Sonic Disc Metallic Blue

Marabou Blood Quills colored with Copic Airbrush starter kit

copic markers and airbrush kit colored this feather

steelhead tube flies

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2 Responses to Airbrushing Flies and Freckled Marabou Steelhead Tube Fly Tying Videos

  1. Are these colors also handy for atlantic salmons ?

  2. Tony T. says:


    I have never fished for Atlantic salmon, so I can’t speak to colors that attract them. Give ’em a try and let me know how they work.

    Easy mends,


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