Ally’s Shrimp: Atlantic Salmon fly tying video

Mike Brooks, friend of the Caddis Fly and expert Atlantic Salmon fly tier demonstrates a classic Atlantic Salmon fly in this video. Brooks uses this pattern for steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, but learned to fish the Ally’s Shrimp in Sweden.

Ally’s Shrimp:
Hook: Size 6 double Atlantic Salmon Hook
Thread: 6/0 Fire Orange
Tail: Fire orange buck tail, crystal flash
Body: Fire orange Antron yarn, black floss
Rib: Silver tinsel
Wing: Arctic fox natural
Beard: Arctic fox natural
Hackle: Webby orange hackle
Overwing: Golden pheasant crest

Mike Brooks' flies

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  1. Richard Legge says:

    Ally,s schrimp is a good looking fly and well presented


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