Steelhead wooly bugger fly tying video

Jay Nicholas demonstrates his version of the Steelhead wooly bugger in this new fly tying video.

Jay's Steelhead Bugger

Steelhead Wooly Bugger
Hook: TMC 700 # 2 or Daiichi 2141 # 2
Thread: Lagartun x-strong 150 denier
Bead/Cone: 7/32 Tungsten cone or Slotted Tungsten Cone size L
Tail. Blood Quill Marabou Hot Pink
Body: Chenille M Shell Pink
Conter Wrap/Rib: Ultra Wire Red size small
Hackle: Grizzly Saddle Hackle Hot Pink
Head: STS Trilobal Dubbing Hot Pink

Be sure to check out our Steelhead Fly Pattern Resource Page.

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