Dubbed Head Egg Sucking Leech Fly

This instructional fly tying video, Jay Nicholas demonstrates the use of thread dubbing loops for coarse dubbing materials, a great Daiichi hook and two tone Crosscut rabbit. This shorty-leech is very easy to tie and very effective.


Dubbed head egg sucking leech

Hook: Daiichi 2151 # 2
Thread: Lagartun 95D Fl. Orange
Body: Two Tone Crosscut Rabbit Violet/Purple
Eyes: Pseudo Eyes Large
Flash: Mirage Opal Flash
Head: STS dubbing loop and blend of Fl. Flame, Fl Pink, Fl. Orange

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3 Responses to Dubbed Head Egg Sucking Leech Fly

  1. Mike says:

    Jay .If i wanted to use these on the Willamette between the confluence with the Mckenzie and say Harrisburg would you suggest fishing these on the swing.I am still looking for my first Steelhead on a fly and this looks like a good easy pattern that would fish well on that section of river.Your videos are very easy to follow even for a neophyte like me.

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    Glad you are having fun with the videos – we have fun making them and want the information to help and bring a laugh or too because fly fishing and fly tying is always supposed to be fun. Yes, fish these on the sing in the main-stem. You could certainly give these a go drifting under a thinhy-watchama-callit also. My friends who have caught summer steelhead in this reach of the Willamette have always been fishing soft hackles rather than targeting steelies, and you might give this pattern a try in an olive green or olive/black two tone, plus a crawdad orange color. There are some steelhead size “mystery” salmonids down there that eat little fish, and I am sure that a summer steelhead would eat the trouty flies also.


  3. Brandon says:

    you know jay,chris is right about the dead drift part.. that fly is killer under a strike indicator. and i also swing it at the end of my drift and sometimes get a suprise take that way. awesome pattern love it in shrimp pink with a fl.flame sts head for coho and winter steelhead.

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