UV Yarn Steelhead Egg Pattern

Winter Steelhead season is here. Early fish have been reported in the Alsea, Umpqua, Siletz and many other rivers. In this short video Barrett demonstrates how to tie an alternative to the Lowly Glowly (one of our most productive egg patterns). The UV Yarn Steelhead Egg is really fast to tie and doesn’t involve shaping McFlyfoam or Egg Yarn. Instead clumps of Steelhead Stalkers UV Egg Yarn and UV Ice dub are employed to make a simple, heavy egg fly.–CD


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3 Responses to UV Yarn Steelhead Egg Pattern

  1. David Swart says:

    Simple down & dirty egg fly, quick to tye, not afraid to lose a few now & again, some call a guide fly cheap to tye by the dozen with out worrying about losing a few.

  2. Davy says:

    this is vary helpful… going to fish the Wilson river on boxing day… hoping to catch some steelhead.

  3. Charles H Forth says:

    So what yarn are you using on this egg pattern?

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