Tony’s Coppinator Pro Tube Fly System Steelhead Fly Tying Video

Tony's Pro Tube Coppinator

We continue our series of Pro Tube fly tying videos with another gorgeous winter steelhead pattern. When waters are running a bit high, or if you need to drive a fly into a deeper run, a copper colored fly will often be found. The Pro Tube Cone on this fly adds to it’s flash and action. If you are tying some larger Winter Steelhead patterns or even starting on your summer arsenal have a look at the Pro Tube Fly System.

Tony’s Coppinator Pro Tube Winter Steelhead Fly

Tube: 40/40 Pro Tube
Butt: Black Ice Wing Fiber
Tail: Flo Orange Shimmer or Flourofiber
Body: Copper Flat Braid
Hackle: Pheasant Tail Angel Hair
Hackle 2: Orange Saddle or Schlappen
Wing: Orange Arctic Fox, Copper Krystal Flash
Wing 2: Orange Arctic Fox Fl. Orange Krystal Flash

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  1. Jesse summers says:

    Just found your website love it !!! You have it all supplies, videos,great articles,and how too’s and you you have a great selection of tube flie stuff just getting Into it myself .I’am happy I found the site a one stop place to go to and liking the blog page too.very helpful even though I live in Michigan.Thanks and keep up the awsome work.

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