Tube Fly Hooks for Tying and Fishing Tube Flies

Owner Tube Fly Hook

Tube flies have been around a long time but are gaining popularity of late in conjunction with some of the massive flies folks are “hucking” with two handed rods. Tube flies do make a lot of sense when tying and fishing Salmon, Steelhead and other fly patterns. We have been working/tying with Eumer, HMH and now Pro-Tube, Tube fly systems. All of these tube fly systems have there merits, and all require a trailing or tube fly hook in order to make them work. In this short video we cover four great tube fly hooks that work with the aforementioned tube fly tying systems.

All of the hooks share a couple of things, they are sharp as hell and have a relatively short shank. When a large fish gives a big head shake, rolls or jumps, shorter hooks reduce the leverage between line and fish. Traditional Salmon and Steelhead hooks with long shanks are great but in our experience do not measure up in terms of holding onto a hooked fish. In addition anglers can swap out dulled hooks with ease.

Owner SSW Straight Eye

Owner Tube Fly Hook

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

Gamakatsu Bait Hook

Gamakatsu S12S Saltwater Streamer Hook

Gamakatsu SL12S Saltwater Hook

Daiichi 1640 Tube Fly Hook

Daiichi Tube Fly Hook

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6 Responses to Tube Fly Hooks for Tying and Fishing Tube Flies

  1. Rick Allen says:

    Hi Tony.
    Will you explain why that with the second two hooks you show the point of the hook facing down instead of up?

  2. Tony says:

    Hey Rick. The second two hooks must hang down so the fly can ride in the correct, wing up, position. If you try to run the hook point up the fly will ride on it’s side as the buoyancy of the wing isn’t enough to make up for the weight of the hook. If you want a point up hook, go with the up eye octopus hook.


  3. Rick Allen says:

    Thanks Tony, I appreciate the response. your videos are very helpful and appreciated.

    ~ Rick

  4. Hi,do you guys ever use doubles?

  5. Predrag Stanojevic says:

    Can I hook tube flies upside down, ( I have big problems with grass in weather). And how to handle that propertly.


  6. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:


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