Tony’s Tormenter Pink and Purple Pro Tube Steelhead Tube Fly

Tony's Tormenter Pro Tube Winter Steelhead Pinky

We continue our series of Pro Tube Steelhead fly patterns with Tony’s Tormenter a Scandinavian Style Tube fly. The Tormenter uses a Pro Tube 40/40mm tube, modern synthetic flashy materials and natural favorites Arctic Fox and Finnish Raccoon.Most of our Winter Steelhead waters are completely blown out with high water at the moment and it’s a great time to tie flies. Our latest weather pattern is sure to bring fish in to coastal waters so be on the look out for levels to drop, when they do it will be time to hit the Winter Steelhead hard.

Pro Tube Pink and Purple Tormenter

Tube: Pro tube Flexi Tube 40/40mm
Thread: Lagartun Black
Butt: Ice Wing Fiber Fl. Pink
Tail: Fluoro Fiber Fl. Pink
Body: Lagatun Mini Flat Braid Silver and UV Black Ice Dub
Hackle: Fuscia Pink Angel Hair
Wing 1: Hot Pink Arctic Fox and Hot Pink Ice wing fiber
Wing 2: Black Finn Racoon and Black Ice wing fiber
Eyes: Jungle Cock Nail Feathers

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  1. Marc Robershaw says:

    dope-ass fly tony.

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