Nicholas’ Freight Train Summer Steelhead Fly

This fly is another Nicholas adaptation of an extremely effective traditional summer steelhead fly, one more in my Steelhead Simplicity Series of flies. Deschutes, John Day, Grand Ronde, McKenzie, Willamette, Rogue, Klamath – the list of where summer steelhead eat this fly is long. BC Steelhead respond favorably to this fly style too.

Have fun, incorporate your own innovation and proportion, and get thee to thy fly bench!


Materials used In Nicholas’ Freight Train Summer Steelhead fly:

Hook: TMC 7999 #6

Thread: Lagartun 150-x strong black
Butt: Glo Brite Floss, Fl Orange and Fl Fucsia
Rib: Lagartun small oval silver tinsel
Body: STS Trilobal Dubbin, black, slender
Collar Hackle: Whiting American Hen Cape, natural black, short
Topping: Hot Orange Krystal Flash, two-4 strands only
Wing: Moose body, short, sparse



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