A Fall Farewell the Deschutes River October Report

The Technical Mens Conference (old dawgs who have fished together for decades) headed for the Deschutes and launched from Trout Creek last week. This trip carried sadness in our hearts as we were missing one of our members, Wink, who lost a courageous battle of many years, to prostate cancer. Wink was a husband, father, an excellent wood craftsman, and an angler. You can lose friends, but losing one of your angling friends puts you in a strange place. As only Wink would wish, we launched our armada and headed off down river to chase Steelhead and Redsides.

The recent reports from the Deschutes told us of a early fire in the canyon. As only Mother Nature can do, the canyon was already on the mend from the fire, but it was a dramatic sight to see. Some areas still had the smell of fire in the air.

We endured some inclement weather during our trip, but as usual, we came prepared. No, it was not the circus coming to town, but our campsite.

Trout fishing provided good results on sparkle pupas, sparkle duns, parachute hares ear and even a good steelhead nymph, Hogans Steelie May produced.

No trip from Trout Creek to Maupin is complete without going down Whitehorse Rapids. We came upon this boat well down the rapid. A sad reminder of the fact Whitehorse is not just the upper section before Hotel Rock but the entire mile or so till the end. We have heard the passengers made it out safely and the boat was removed last Saturday.

The steelhead below was taken on the Steelie May on the 5 wt, Sage 99 nymph rod. This rod with the Rio Indicator line is just a flat out nymphing machine!

TMC Fall 2011 051

I have a spiritual connection to the Deschutes. The Mutton Mountains may have been “toasted” but the majestic canyons, the river, wildlife, and the presence of angling friends makes it even more special.

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5 Responses to A Fall Farewell the Deschutes River October Report

  1. themostdangerousanimal says:

    That’s a cool reel on the 99. What kind is that again?

  2. feeeshing says:

    good looking fish, hope i can make it down to the deschutes soon.
    i’d bet my bottom dollar its the lamson litespeed.

  3. Dean says:

    that steely looks a lot better then any of the ones that I didn’t catch at the Kalama this weekend.

  4. David Wilson says:

    Have you seen this video on a shop in John Day that produces screens to keep fish out of irrigation ditches? Supposedly saves 10’s of thousands of salmon and steelhead.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtcjLr4VTb8

  5. Mike Fredd says:

    Can you tell me what brand the rain tarp is?

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