Product Review: Hareline Rainbow Brass Cones

One of the hot/cool new fly tying products just released for 2012 is the Hareline Rainbow Brass Cone. Available in 4 sizes to fit hooks for warm-water species, trout, salmon, steelhead, and (insert your favorite fish here) sizes, these brilliant, multi colored cone heads are just what the Fly Doctor of Soul ordered to spice up our cone-head flies for the coming season. Sure we have our gold and silver, and black and painted colors and so on, but wow, now we have a new excuse to buy more cone heads to play with.

The video featured here shows the application of a Hareline Rainbow Brass Cone to Nicholas’ All Season Pink & Blue Steelhead fly. This is a fly tied in the spirit of my Marabou Simplicity Series. Blood Quill Marabou is about the right length fiber for this fly, but if you have Extra Select Marabou on hand, you can shorten the fiber length by spinning it in a dubbing loop using a Petitjean Magic Tool. This fly produces for all anadromous species when they are in the mood for a pinkish fly. Tied as this fly is with a rainbow cone head, it will sink quickly and swim across the fish holding waters. Tied without a cone, in the spirit of Hickman’s effective unweighted flies, it will swim shallower and is great for soft water at the edges, where steelhead and salmon often hang out in high river flow conditions.


Materials used to tie Nicholas’ All Season Pink & Blue Steelhead Fly:
Thread: Lagatun 150 D, black or red
Hook: TMC 700 #4/#6
Tail: Kingfisher Blue and Hot Pink Marabou
Tinsel Rib: Lagartun oval silver, small
Body: Glo Brite Floss, Hot Pink
Collar: Hot pink and Kingfisher Blue Blood Quill Marabou
STS Trilobal Dubbin in Hot Pink, Shrimp Pink or similar collar to snug the Cone
Cone: Hareline RAinbow Brass Cone, 1/4″


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2 Responses to Product Review: Hareline Rainbow Brass Cones

  1. Spey pride says:

    great rendition of a Winter Hope.

    beautiful dress.

  2. Jay Nicholas says:

    Thanks,sincerely. Juso one more purely original color combination that I, personally invented. Ha ha.


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