Pro Tube Popsicle Tube Fly tying video

Bruce Berry ties a “Popsicle” style tube fly aimed at Winter Steelhead. Using Finn Raccoon instead of Marabou the fly is more durable, active in the water and versatile in terms of added weight, cone, bead etc.. Swing this pattern for Winter Steelhead arriving to a river near you soon.

Check out the new selection of Marble Fox, American Opossum, and Finn Raccoon from Pro Sportfisher. All of these materials can be adapted to the above pattern and so many more.


Popsicle Pro Tube

Tube: Pro Tube Micro Tube Clear
Hook Guide: Large Pink
Weight: Flexiweight 15mm
“Intruder bump”: Pro Soft Sonic Disc
Thread: Lagartan 95D Black
Wing: Finn Raccoon Guard Hairs
Body Dubbing Loops: Finn Raccoon Underbody Fur
Flash: Lateral Scale Pearl
Hackle: Black and Purple Schlappen
Eyes: Pro Tube imitation Jungle Cock

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  1. Jim westone says:

    What happens to all the plastic from the tubes that end up in the rivers, are these biodegradable or just more toxic trash?

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