Hot Head Summer Steelhead Tube Fly Tying Video

Summer Steelhead fishing has been excellent on the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers of late. With our run size nearing 24,000 fish over Willamette Falls there are plenty of Steelhead around. One of our favorite and most effective fly styles the past couple of seasons has been a simple tube fly.

In this video Tony Torrence demonstrates how to tie one of these Steelhead Tube flies using Eumer Arctic fox and Eumer Finnish Racoon. The fly is tied sparsely to enhance movement and fish well during clear Summer conditions.

Hot Head Summer Tube

Hot Head Summer Steelhead Tube

Thread: Veevus 8/0
Tube: Pro Tube Micro Tube
Head: Pro Tube Cone Disc Small
Weight: Pro Tube Drop Weight Small
Tail: Pink Fouro Fiber
Wing #1: Purple Arctic Fox
Hackle #1: Purple Saddle
Wing #2: Fuchsia Angel Hair
Hackle #2: Black Saddle
Wing #3 Finn Raccoon Black
Junction Tube: Large Clear

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2 Responses to Hot Head Summer Steelhead Tube Fly Tying Video

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Tony………..great work! Welcome back.

  2. Marc Robershaw says:

    Tony rough road. glad to see you back… You told me while you were at the CDU charge nurse desk you would teach me how to steelhead with the fly. Have beer will travel. Peace man.

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