Favorite Tube Fly Hooks – A Visual Size Comparison

In a recent post on Favorite Tube Fly Hooks, I noted that these hooks, in different styles but virtually the same size, had a very different “apparent” size. I may have referred to crazy-drunk hook-designers, or some such unfairly slanderous image.

Sorry about that.

I just wanted to show a photo of the hooks that we reviewed, and this most un-perfect photo does this. Each of the hooks noted in the review of favorite tube fly hooks is shown here, in size #2 (except for the Alec Jackson, which is a size #3).

As you can see, even in this low grade photo, the different hook styles look a lot different – some appear to be rather smaller than others of the same size classification. This is why it seems important for each tyer/angler to make his or her own comparisons and decisions about the most appropriate hook style and size. That said, I like each and every of the hooks shown here and recently reviewed.

Hope this photo helps.


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3 Responses to Favorite Tube Fly Hooks – A Visual Size Comparison

  1. Jason Wells says:

    Speaking of tube flies…

    Just got started steelheading and bought a few tube flies to try out. How the heck do people store their tube flies? It isn’t like you can hook them into the fly box…

  2. John Madert says:

    This entry is a good example why I tune-in to your blog. The “hook science” shown here tells me you guys have your act together. I am not personally familiar with the last two … Alex Jackson and the Daiichi, but from outward appearances they sure look viable. I sure wish they made the Gammie SL12S in a black-chrome or black nickel finish. Sometimes “shiny” is not good on a hook. Correct, same as the Trey Combs “Big Game” hook. The little Gammie C14S is a savage hook … not just for egg patterns. The # 2 size is closer to a # 6 hook mfg’d by anyone else. I tie a white craft fur streamer on that hook (1.5 inches long) when our False Albacore are keyed on very tiny bait. Just add a dot on both sides of the head wraps with a black marker pen and seal with CCG. Could not be an easier tie. The Owner SSW is OK for tubes, but again I wish they made the “Aki” in smaller sizes for other SW applications. The Aki is the best pelagics hook every made. (opinion) I have used the B10S Gammie for Mahi’s to LMB’s… excellent hook. I have used the Tiemco, but it is more popular in the Northeast amongst stripers anglers. I roam the Mid-Atlantic coast. Maryland to NC mostly. Readers … whether you tie tubes or not, if you stick with the above ref’d hooks you will bring more and larger fish to hand. There is beauty in the right hook for a particular application.

  3. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Jason, for storing tube flies, the most organized method comes from Off the Hook’s tube fly box. http://www.caddisflyshop.com/off-the-hook-tube-fly-box.html. We also like buying plain old tackle tray boxes and storing them that way.

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