Blue Hoochi Tube Fly Video

Blue Hoochi Winter steelhead pro tube fly

We continue our Pro Tube Fly Systems series with the Blue Hoochi. This pattern was inspired by Scott Howell’s Prom Dress fly pattern. This relatively simple version has great motion and flash. Summer or Winter Steelhead this is a great swing pattern on a floating line or sinking tip.

Blue Hoochi Tube Fly

Tube: Pro Tube Fly Systems Micro Tube
Thread: Lagartun 95D
Butt/Body: Ice Wing Purple Back
Hackle: Blue Flashabou
Collar: Two Tone Cross Cut Rabbit Purple Blue
Cone: Pro Cone 7.5mm Large Orange

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  1. Erik says:

    Hey, i really liked this pattern, went to the vise and tied one, i was messing with the finished product, trying to keep the flash a bit more “cone like” body… in the process, i made the fly reversed! it looked awesome still… granted i had a bit more flash added, same color and the addition of white/light blue (6904) and so then i changed the rabbit hair to ice dub chenille in a blueish with white. So basically tie the same way, make sure there is enough room for the cone head to be slidden on in the back end, which will soon be the front (oh and also i am tying on hmh tubes).

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