Fly fishing Cuba with Brian O’Keefe Q&A

For those of you who missed Brian O’Keefe in person this week, we sat down with him after the presentation and chatted about his recent trip fly fishing in Cuba. The photos were amazing. Check out this slideshow and Q&A:

For info on fly fishing in Cuba, contact us.

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  1. Kristin Lee says:

    Hi Brian, I am Mike Duley’s wife Kristin. Listening to the Buena Vista Social Club at dinner tonight I said-Lets go to cuba……………..something I have always been interested in before McDonalds wrecks it…..etc, etc. so any trips coming up???let us know. Thanks, Kristin 503-227-6460 Mike 503-781-5676 We are spending most of our time in the lower columbia river on puget island where we have a home, come on down.

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