Tying a sparse wet fly style Muddler Minnow

In this video Jay Nicholas ties a very sparse wet fly style muddler. The fly is on a heavy wire hook with a yarn body. Designed to be swung subsurface for steelhead the fly could be tied in a variety of colors for both wing and body. One could also tie this pattern in very small sizes for a trout muddler. Imagine a size 10 or 12 muddler for Cutthroat in the lower McKenzie and Willamette, deadly in Spring and Fall.–CD

Sparsely Tied Muddler

Sparse Wet Fly Muddler

Hook: TMC 700 2-6
Thread: Petitjean Split Second 8/0
Body: Purple Uni-Yarn
Wing: Gold Krystal Flash
Wing/Head: Hareline Primo Deer Hair Strip

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4 Responses to Tying a sparse wet fly style Muddler Minnow

  1. Two Dogs says:

    Hey, Jay……Veery Nice. – Mitch

  2. Jim Terborg says:

    Could this be adapted to represent an egg laying October Caddis? And, could the dry fly version be used as a skating Oct. Caddis?

  3. Jay Nicholas says:

    Thank you Sir; yes; and absolutely yes.

    Go fishin’, everyone. JN

  4. D.L. says:

    funny, ….I remember when this pattern was called the “steelhead caddis”…..

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