Jay’s Marabou Steelhead Jig: So effective you’ll feel guilty

Fly fishing purists, do not press play on this video unless you want to catch a lot of steelhead. Fly fishing with a jig under an indicator is freaking deadly and Jay Nicholas shows you how to tie a basic marabou pattern using one of the Gamakatsu 90-degree bend hooks. These are the fish-grabbing-est hooks around. Get over your fear of the jig hook and catch some steelhead this winter.

Jay's Marabou Jig

Hook: Gamakatsu Jig Hook heavy wire
Thread: Lagartun x-strong 150 denier
Eyes: Extra Large Plated Silver Lead Eyes
Body: Marabou Blood Quills Barred Hot Pink and Black Blood Quills
Head: TriLobal or Custom Blend dub
Finish: Zap a Gap brush on

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  1. Matt anderson says:

    I am interested in buying some of the pink and blue marabou in this jig, but I guess I am having a hard time finding it. It says hot pink, not sure if that is the color since there is blue in it. If you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. That k you

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