Tony’s Purple Tube Leech: Steelhead fly tying video

In this video Tony Torrence ties a killer tube leech that gets down, swims, and pisses off awaiting anadromous fish. Tony uses HMH and Eumer tubing to create the fly. In addition he adds a Eumer Monster Cone to aid in the flies sub-surface action. Add a trailer hook and you are in business.–CD

Torrence Tube Rabbit

Purple Tube Leech

Tube: Small HMH and Eumer Med Tube
Thread: White Ultra Thread 140D and Black Uni-Thread 6/0
Tail: Mirage Krystal Flash
Tag:Mirage Krystal Flash
Wing: Black Rabbit Tied Zonker Style
Body: Cactus Chennile Med Purple and Crosscutt Rabbit Purple
Flash: Mirage Flashabou
Hackle: Black Saddle/Purple Guinea
Cone: Eumer Monster Cone Pink Large

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3 Responses to Tony’s Purple Tube Leech: Steelhead fly tying video

  1. Great fly. This one will catch pike as well! Anyways… can you please tell me what’s the flash you used for tail here?

  2. Goyito says:

    Ya’ll better put a number 24 black Sproh swivel on your leader, otherwise your fly line is gonna look like a nest of tapeworms spit out by a Zimbabwean pangolin. Too bad Caddis does not yet offer these remarkable swivels. Hate to go to the former GI Joe store–the guy who took that over is a Dick.

  3. YG says:

    This fly will look great in the water, but it will be a difficult fly to cast. Palmered rabbit, aswell as a zonker strip, plus a monster cone won’t be pleasant. Another option to make the fly sparse, is tying in a purple flat braid, with a puple schlappen feather, wrap the body with the flat braid, and then spaced out, palmer the purple schlappen up the body, to the point where you want to form your collar.

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