May McKenzie River Report: river shaping up nicely


This week on the McKenzie was wet, cold, and pretty good all things considered. High water and “squally weather”  made for very light pressure on the river. This weekend and coming week we are headed into “Prime Time” as a local salmon angler so aptly, and garishly stated on his boat one year. The weather is stabilizing, water temperatures are rising and the river is dropping. Yesterday afternoon from Belinger to Armitage numerous Green Caddis, Golden Stones, larger Brown Caddis, March Browns, and Pale Morning Duns were emerging. This smorgasbord of insect activity had the fish eating despite off color water. We caught fish on nymphs: Beldar’s Double Bead Stone in Black and Golden, Possie Buggers and Mega Princes, swung wets: Royal Coachman, and Dark Cahil.  McKenzie River Wild rainbows and Cutthroats ate the size 10 Possie Bugger swung as well as any other bug. When the Big Green Caddis are hatching it is hard to get away from having the Possie Bugger on. The water is going to clear up considerably over the next couple of days and fishing is going to be outstanding.–CD



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