Hartwick’s Hoser Fly Tying Video

Harwick’s Hoser tube fly works well for steelhead both Summer and Winter. Tony demonstrates how to tie this multi step large profile pattern. Tie a few and and them to your box!


Hartwick’s Hoser

Thread: Veevus 10/0 Black

Tube: Protube Nanotube
Junction: Protube Junction Tube, Red
Butt: Blue Hareline STS Trilobal Dubbing
Butt Hackle: Silver Doctor Blue Hareline Saddle Hackle
Rib: Fl. Blue Polar Chenille
Body: Medium Flat Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Bump: Blue Hareline STS Dubbing
Cone: Black Large Procone
Bump: Kingfisher Blue Hareline STS Dubbing
Underwing: Kingfisher Blue Craft Fur, Blue Ice Angel Hair
Wing: Kingfisher Blue Metz Magnum Hackle tips
Hackle: Black Marabou tied collar style, a couple turns of Black Schlappen

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2 Responses to Hartwick’s Hoser Fly Tying Video

  1. Dave says:

    I never have tied a tube fly. Can you use the tubes from oxygen supply lines used in medical uses?
    I know people throw away tubes after a couple days use. Seems like they might work?
    Nice fly and ty thanks

  2. Tony T. says:

    If you are talking about nasal cannula tubing, it’s too soft. The tube needs to be rigid, and the junction tube can be soft. I’m real fond of the ProTube products.


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