Tying the Purple Skunk Summer Steelhead fly

Summer Steelhead are pouring over Willamette Falls, all indications lead to a great year for our McKenzie and Willamette Steelhead runs. In this video Tony demonstrates how to tie a Purple Skunk. The Purple Skunk is an excellent Summer Steelhead pattern for the Deschutes and Umpqua as well as our local waters. The fly can be fished on a floating line or a variety of sinking tips using a down and across swing method.–CD

Tony's Purple Skunk

Hook: Daiichi Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron 3,5,7
Thread Black Danville 6/0
Tag: Oval Lagartu Silver Med
Tail: Red Golden Pheasand TippetRib: Uni Mylar Peacock # 10Body: STS Trilobal Dub Purple
Hackle: Strung Guinea Dyed Purple
Wing: White Arctic Fox

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2 Responses to Tying the Purple Skunk Summer Steelhead fly

  1. two dogs says:

    Very nice…….straight forward, clean….looking toward catching a few on this one. Thanks.

  2. wrath of lorane says:

    Oh my, I typed “coast range purple skunk ” on the u-tubes and this fly tying vid showed up.

    Just kidding. Thanks for putting the videos up, it makes a great site even more outstanding.

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