Starlite Articulator Fly Tying Video

Darian Hyde of Hareline Dubbin took some time out the other day to tie his “intruder”, “articulator” style fly. The first video details preparing the hook shank, the second finishes the fly. This pattern is great for swinging for Winter and Summer Steelhead.

darians starlite areticulator

Fl Blue Starlite Articulator

Thread: Ultra Thread 140D Peacock Blue and Veevus 6/0 Black
Shank: Senyos 40mm Blue Intruder Shank
Trailer Wire: Blue Senyos Intruder Wire
Trailing Hook: Daiichi 2557 # 2 or # 4
Eyes: Pseudo Eyes Medium Black/Chartreuse Pupil
Tail/Overbody: Fl. Blue Black barred Rabbit Strip 1/8″
Lateral Line: Micro Lateral Scale
Body: Fl Blue Crosscut Rabbit Strip 1/8″
Legs: Grizzly Flutter Legs Black Barred Fl. Green Chartreuse
Overbody Hackle: Kingfisher Blue EP Foxy Brush
Collar: Chartreuse Guinea
Head: Fl. Blue Senyo’s Laser Dub

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