New Intruder Tying Materials from Fish Skull and Greg Senyo!

Fish Skull and Greg Senyo have taken tying intruders to the next level with a line of shanks, articulated hook wire, and some other new products that just arrived in the shop. Senyo’s Articulated Shanks come in five colors and two sizes, making customizing your favorite steelhead and salmon flies a breeze. We like these shanks because of their rigidity (ala old-school Waddington shanks) and their up-turned loop eye.



Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Hook Wire serves as the perfect compliment to the new Articulated Shanks. Available in eight colors and two sizes, this new product replaces all the do-it-yourself solutions we’ve been using in the past (bye bye Firewire). Trailer Hook Wire is ideally suited for flies using a size 6 hook or larger, while the Thin Intruder Trailer Hook Wire is perfect for those smaller articulated flies employing a hook smaller than a size 6.



Add in some of Senyo’s Wacko Hackle and some Grizzly Flutter Legs and you’ll be tying the fishiest intruders around. Wacko Hackle is a new fiber material and fills a unique niche, somewhere between ostrich herl and krystal flash. We like how the stuff swims in the water and the flashiness of the material makes it an ideal way to add a touch of pop to your favorite pattern. Grizzly flutter legs are new from Hareline Dubbin and are the buggiest rubber legs we’ve seen yet. Smaller in size than previous legs from Hareline, Grizzly Flutter Legs have superb movement underwater and the grizzly-barred finish will be sure to make fish go nuts.

Products are all available on the Caddis Fly Shop website and we will be posting some tying videos for intruders and other shank-style flies from Barrett and Tony soon!

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