Sea Run Cutthoat Fly Fishing Report

Selitz Elk 006

With the weather man giving “heavy fog and chance of drizzle” predictions and a good afternoon high tide, I swiftly made plans for a well known coastal stream with a couple of members of the Men’s Technical Conference. Gleefully, I packed a light weight rain jacket and fleece pants. Another member of our group wore shorts and brought sun screen!
From the pictures, you can see shorts and sunscreen was the correct attire. It was a long sunny day, but we brought some fine sea runs to hand. Borden Special type fly’s proved to be the answer for most of the day. Anglers should look to fish incoming tides or head up river above tide water for success. Oh, and hope for some “heavy fog and chance of drizzle”?

Another rare treat was catching an “elk hatch” going across the river. We did not have the appropriate elk fly’s and just enjoyed the hatch

Selitz Elk 010

Selitz Elk 011


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  1. Riverwalker says:

    Lou, glad to see you made it over here. Looks like you guys must of had a good time.

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