Bahamas Bonefish trip preview

November is nearly upon us and while Oregon offers some incredible fall fishing, warmer climates beckon.  Bonefish are the quarry and Abaco in the Bahamas the destination. Caddis Fly employees and customers have been travelling to Abaco to bonefish for years. If you can avoid hurricanes, fishing can be fantastic. Hot summer weather has kept traffic on the flats light and fish are eager to take the well placed shrimp or crab imitation.




Stay tuned to the blog for onsite updates “from the flats” late October through the first week of November. We will be testing tackle from Bauer, Rio, Loop, Sage and Scientific Anglers. Hopefully fishing will be excellent and numerous fly patterns can be put to the test as well.



Regardless of how the fishing is, how can one complain, cold beer, warm water flats, beautiful sunsets and good times.-CD

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