Pleasant Fall weather continues, trout fishing holding up on the Mckenzie River and Middle Fork of the Willamette

Hatches of October Caddis, Blue Winged Olives, Mahogany Duns and “brownish orange” caddisflies size # 14-16 are present on our local rivers. We’ve had some warmer days and nights recently and trout have responded nicely.


As the season winds down Mckenzie and Willamette trout become opportunistic feeders. Attractors like Royal Wulffs and Stimulators as well as imitators like CDC Orange Elk Hair Caddis, standard Orange Elk hair caddis, Hackle Stacker flag Dun Adams and Mahogany Duns will take fish. With fewer nymphs in the drift and more insects near shore due to the colder evenings, fish seem to be hanging near the banks and in slower water.



Generally speaking you will see more Caddisflies on warmer bright days and more Mayflies during the cloudy and rainy days. We are looking at some fine weather and fishing conditions for the next week. Get out and enjoy and good Luck-CD

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