Lowly Glowly pounding steelhead on the Middle Fork Willamette

Caddis fly customer and fly-rod steelhead convert Austin Arrowood has been putting the hurt on steelhead in the Willamette River near Dexter Reservoir on the Lowly Glowly.


“The Lowly Glowly is a definite getter. With a few slight changes in color/way of tying , I banked 2 bucks & 1 hen within 3 hours. Check out the lowly glowly’s in there homes. My first steelheads on a fly pole. The only time I will pick up my baitcaster again will be too trade it in for more fly gear from the Caddis Fly Shop. My ambitions have been replaced with a fun upgrade” Arrowood wrote in an email.


“These steelhead were pulled out next to an army of baitfisherman, I was the 1 fly fisherman, killin it just as hard, if not harder. The next day I went out, I couragesly squeezed into an crack between fishless baitfisherman, I landed another on the day’s very first cast. I give special thanks to you for showing me this indicator setup. This lowly glowly pattern KILLS IT, I’ve seem to have most success with the orange mcfly foam, orange estaz, & GOLD dumbell eyes. This pattern has hooked at least 10 fish in the last 3 days, & landed 5. It’s almost too easy, I might have to go for the swing now, & taste something harder & different.”

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  1. Jeff McEnroe says:

    Is there a video out on how to tie the Lowly?


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