Mainstem of Umpqua fishing well for smallmouth bass

This Sunday the family and I headed down to the Umpqua River near Sutherlin. We floated the section between Woods boat ramp and Osprey Ramp. Our float was 9 river miles, 8 road miles back up to the car (do it yourself bike shuttle). The river and suroundings are beautiful in this section. Our fishing was not all out, but when we did get the flies down near large boulder structure we found fish. Geting near shore in deeper water we found the bass using the boat for cover and were able to target some of the larger bass. Most of the fish we caught were 6-10 inches with a few larger fish in the mix. Water temps are warm, salomanders are plentiful, turtle hunting is superb, bass are tough and numerous, all great qualities for a family trip down the river.IMG_2688IMG_2679IMG_2705Access to the river is best by boat or pontoon type craft. The water is very slow in many areas and one can row, paddle or kick upstream. From Sutherlin take Ft. Mckay Rd towards the town of Umpqua, you can float from the Umpqua Ramp to Woods or Woods to Umpqua. There is also some walk in access along the road and at Mack Brown day use park. The water is low and will get lower, it looked like you could wade across the river at Woods ramp and walk downstream to some good water. Best flies were, Skinny Water Clouser Minnows, Thin Mints, and JJ’s Special.-CD

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