Willamette Valley Guided Stillwater Fly Fishing

We now offer guided stillwater fly fishing trips. Guide Adison Rook has been exploring fly fishing opportunities in local reservoirs and lakes for several years now, and he is ready to share. Adison utilizes modern fly tactics to successfully target multiple species. These trips offer a diverse fishing experience for the angler, with the opportunity for both bass and trout in a single session. Some of these bodies of water offer “by catch”, from Bull trout to Crappie. Half, and full day trips are possible, depending on client availability and best fishing times. Full day trips include snacks, lunch, and drinks. Lunch on a full day can be a sandwich you munch in between casts or a shoreside BBQ. All flies and fishing gear are provided on these trips. Anglers only need to bring a fishing license, the clothes you are comfortable fishing in for the given conditions, and a pair of polarized sunglasses. These trips offer a variety of fishing techniques from dries to indicators, loch style fishing to anchored up with sinking lines, depending on the season and location. At the moment these trips are for one angler only.  

Book your trip today, and discover underutilized waters that have potential to put you on fish that you didn’t even know were on our radar! These trips are available from February-July depending on the year. Call the shop at 541-505-8061 to reserve your date.

Pricing: $450 Full Day $300 Half Day $50 Military Discount is available.

Areas we go for Stillwater trips include the following.

Lookout Point Reservoir – This body of water has poor trout fishing, but it can offer excellent smallmouth bass fishing with little fishing pressure. Smallmouth gravitate to indicator rigs, and sinking lines are utilized in this Reservoir. 20-50 fish days are possible with the right conditions. We catch the occasional long nose sucker, crappie, largemouth,  and walleye swim in these waters so it’s a real possibility that you can stick one on a fly!

Hills Creek Reservoir – Quite possibility our troutiest option of all. With a higher elevation than most of our local reservoirs, and a stocking program, this place holds up better than most other local stillwater trout fisheries. This Reservoir is a steep canyon reservoir,  sinking lines reign supreme.  Very limited shoal area means a limited opportunity to fish indicator rigs.  There are some areas of the lake to fish indicators, but plan on this trip being mostly sinking line oriented. “By catch” here includes landlocked Chinook salmon,  crappie, largemouth bass,  and we’ve even had Bull Trout eat our flies while pursuing these stocked trout.

Dorena Reservoir: A balanced option for trout and bass, both largemouth and smallmouth. This reservoir has the potential to fish a variety of techniques in a day as well pending on conditions. It can offer quality class fish. There is a variety of habitat to prospect, as this reservoir offers everything from bluff walls for smallmouth to some shoal area with trout and largemouth.

Cottage Grove Reservoir: We have an absolute sleeper in our backyard here in the Willamette valley.  A truly unique opportunity. Cottage Grove Reservoir was known for quality largemouth bass for years. And it still produces quality largemouth today. But these fish  have been displaced by the Spotted Bass. This is one of two reservoirs in the state you can pursue these fish. These fish are much more susceptible to eat small flies than largemouth, but their growth rate far surpasses that of a smallmouth.  These fish grow big! Fish to 5 pounds are pretty common,  with many fish 2-3 pounds the norm.  We catch the majority of these fish on indicator rigs, with some opportunities for poppers and sinking lines. This reservoir has trout, with largemouth along with some huge crappie as by catch. This fishery is a rare opportunity to catch a fish you’ve probably never even heard of before. 

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  1. jay hinrichs says:

    interested in learning more about your still water trips

  2. Oregon Fly Fishing Blog says:

    Jay, feel free to give the shop a call or email regarding Adison’s stillwater trips (541) 342-7005 or Support@caddisflyshop.com. He is extremely knowledgeable and is more than willing to share his wisdom with you. You’ll have a great day fishing the unique stilwater opportunities the valley has to offer!

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