Late May 2024 Local Fishing Report

Our local waters are shaping up for great summer dry fly fishing. The water is a little bit high, but is dropping into its summer flows which will persist until fall. There are loads of bugs out including PMDs, Green Drakes, Green Caddis, Gold Stones, and Yellow Sallys. Fishing a Dry Dropper is a great way to cover both bases and search on the surface and subsurface simultaneously

Rainy days are especially great for a Green Drake hatch

Green Drakes are hatching in abundance, especially on overcast days: here are some shop Favorites: Film Critic Green Drake #10, Stalcup’s Green Drake #10-12, or a DJL Green Drake #10-12. For Gold Stones we like: Advanced Stimmy Yellow #8-12, Bareback Gold Stone #6, Yellow Stimulator #10, or the flies listed below for dry droppers. PMD’s we like a variety of: Tactical Cahill #16, Sparkle Flag PMD #16, Almost Dun PMD #16, or a Rusty Spinner #16-18. Lastly Green Mckenzie Caddis are out in full force, try these: Green Caddis #12 or a CDC Green Caddis #12.

Searching with a Dry Dropper is a fantastic way to locate fish, and is a rig that you can use all day. Good dries for your rig include: Chubby Chernobyl: Gold #8-12, Gold Stone Water Walker #8, or a Gold Stone Fluttering Stone #8. Choice Droppers include: Weiss’s Possum Anchor #12-14, Dally’s Tailwater Jig #14, TJ Hooker #10-12, Frenchie #12.

Gold Stone shucks can be found all over the banks.

Nymphing is still productive if dries aren’t producing. Fish a larger stone in tandem with something smaller. For larger options try these: Tungsten Trout Retriever #8, Jigged Girdle Bug #10-12, or a Pat’s Rubber Legs #8-10. For smaller options try these Olsen’s Blowtorch #16, Sens’ Improved 20 Incher #12, or a Double Down Pheasant Tail #14.

This Green Drake was taking a rest in my garden

Swinging wets this time of year is extremely productive for the Green Caddis hatch and PMDs. For Green Caddis try: Sens’ McKenzie Wet #12, Mckenzie Wet #12, or Biot Swimmer Green Caddis #14. For PMDs try these: Light Cahill Wet #14, Soft Emerger PMD #14, or a Soft Hackle Thorax Bead Orange #16.

Swing by the shop if you need anything, we are happy to help. Have fun out there!

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