Mohair Scruff Golden Stone: Nymph Tying Tutorial

In this video, Simon ties up a killer golden stone pattern which uses several new products that hareline released this fall. The super buggy looking material is called mohair scruff and it makes for super buggy nymphs, chenille for buggers, or a quick chenille for balanced leeches. It comes in several sizes, this particular pattern uses the small and medium sizes. Mottled slim skin is another new material from hareline which comes on a sheet and is a lot like thin skin. It works great for exoskeletons and wing cases. Gold Sones make up a large part of our local trout’s diets. Many caddis and mayfly nymphs only live for a year or less in their nymph stage. This means during the winter, most of those insects are very small because their parents made up this past summer’s hatch, this means the bulk of winter nymphs are still very young. Stoneflies can live several years in their nymph stage, making them great searching flies year round. Because of their life cycle, they offer a substantial meal any time of the year, there are very small gold stones, and large ones in the river simultaneously. This fly is a great option to fish in tandem with a small fly to help get your smaller nymphs down. Colors can be changed and sizes can be tweaked depending on where you are fishing. This one is a proven winner, tie a few up and let us know how you do.

Mohair Scruff Golden Stone

Hook- Core 1760: Size 6

Thread- Danville’s 140 Denier: Tan

Bead- Hareline Gold Countersunk Tungsten Bead: 3/16, 4.6mm

Antennae & Tail- Hareline Turkey Biot Quill: Brown

Abdomen- Hareline .35mm Lead Free Wire, Hareline Mohair Scruff Golden Stone: Small, Uni Medium Softwire: Gold, Hareline Standard Tubing: Dark Gold Stone, & Hareline Mottled Transparent Slim Skin: Dark Tan

Thorax- Hareline Mohair Scruff Golden Stone: Medium

Legs- Hareline Grizzly Medium Barred Rubber Legs: Tan 

Bobbin- Smhaen Tension Bobbin

Vise- Renzettti Traveler 2304

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