Loon Fly Tying Tools – Reviewing a few options with Jay Nicholas

Loon Fly Tying Toola at the Caddis Fly Shop

Loon is a respected source of high quality fly tying tools and quite a variety of associated products. I have only been using Loon tools for the last two years, but they have been so good that I decided to make special mention of several that I use regularly.

Loon Rogue Forceps with Comfy Grip
These are pictured at far left in the photo and are a stunning stealth black.
Cushioned finger grips. Lockable feature.
Serrated cutting scissors at base.
Fly-eye cement remover/knot un-tyer.
serrated gripping nose to hold hooks or your fellow angler’s tongue securely.

Loon 4-inch Razor Adjustable Fly Tying Scissors
These are pictured second from left in the photo.
Adjustable tension.
Very fine-point and sharp blades.
Slightly serrated scissors.
Also available in a 5-inch model.

Loon Ergonomic Dubbing Brush
These are pictured third from left (center) in the photo.
The handle really makes it easy to hold and manipulate this dubbing brush.
Durable fine metal brush.

Loon Ergonomic Fly Tying Bodkin
These are pictured second from right in the photo.
The handle does in fact make it simple to hold and manipulate this bodkin.
Fine and durable point.

Loon Gator-Grip Dubbing Spinner for Fly Tying
These are pictured at right in the photo.
This spinner will not roll off your desk.
Substantial weight makes for perfect spinning of dense material.
You have two options that are interchangeable as shown in the photo – very adaptable.
The finger loop makes it easy to wind your dubbing brush around tube or shank.

I hope you will feel comfortable giving Loon fly tying products a spin on your fly tying bench. They have performed very well for me.

Jay Nicholas – early 2018

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