Trout Clouser Baby Rainbow Fly Tying Video

In this video Jay shows us how to tie a Trout Clouser utilizing the New Pastel Bucktail. This is a very effective fly for trout and Chinook salmon. It is a common misconception that more materials means more flashy but utilizing less materials will help your flies sink faster and fish have no problem seeing your fly. Jay recommends using a smaller hook for excellent hook ups. Happy tying!


Trout Clouser (Baby Rainbow)

Hook: Daiichi DX452 #6 or Gamakatsu Glo Bug #6
Cement: Loc-Tite brush on
Flash: Krystal Flash Peacock
Thread: Danville 210D Fl. Blue
Eyes: Hareline Double Pupil Lead Eyes Black/white/Black Extra Small
Belly: Pastel Bucktail Red, Orange, Minnow Blue
UV Deer Creek Fine Flex

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