Cohen’s Sculpting Scissors – New Product Review by Jay Nicholas

Cohen's Sculpting Scissors 1

I discovered an entirely new-to me scissor recently, put them to work, and liked the results so much that I decided to share this information.

There are four options now available of this very solid scissor for fly tying the Cohen’s Curved Sculpting Scissors – with straight and curved blades in both 4-inch and 5-inch.

Cohen's Sculpting Scissors 2
Cohen's Sculpting Scissors 3

These fly tying scissors have slightly serrated edges and this makes them very good when shaping or sculpting materials as you will on muddlers, Kinky Muddlers and a wide variety of flies that use natural and synthetic materials packed from loosely to very tightly. I’ve been tying kinky muddlers lately using EP 3D fibers, Steve Farrar Flash Blend, and many of the Sculpting Flash fibers.

Best wishes, have fun with your fly tying adventures, and may the fish smile on your best efforts.

Jay Nicholas- early 2018

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