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Bonneville Dam Cameras: Apparently the Columbia Fall Chinook numbers are off the charts. Check out the web cameras on the dam fish counting station.

Fish-Counting Station with Public Viewing Windows Under Construction at Bonneville Dam. This Will Replace Old Fish Ladders and "Splash Board" Counting Technique 04/1973

Osprey Steelhead News: Last week, Anglo American, a major mining company and partner in the proposed Pebble Mine project announced it was pulling out! Big win for conservationists and anglers.

Native Fish Society: NFS posts its list of the top 11 best-restored rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Eight of the eleven are in Oregon.

Trout Underground: Tom Chandler posts a sobering, if not downright terrifying essay on the water situation in California.

From the Chum: Today at 10am PT, Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell will discuss her perspective on public lands, and answer your questions if you get them in on time.

Fat Guy Fly Fishing: Kyle Deneen gets bit by a diamondback rattlesnake, takes the time to gut and skin the snake, as well as documenting the process, rather than going to the hospital. Rad.

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