Ska- Opper Fly Tying Video

Scott Howell’s Ska Opper is easily our favorite skating steelhead dry fly. In this video Tony demonstrates how to tie this pattern in it’s natural color scheme. The video is a bit longer than we like, but the fly is a tough one and I cut it down as much as I could without compromising the “instructional banter” that often includes key tips on creating the pattern. Other colors to try are black and purple, black and chartreuse, and purple and chartreuse. Enjoy!


Hook: Daiichi 2110 “Bomber Hook”
Thread: Veevus 8/0 and Veevus 150D Gel Spun
Tail: Gold Krystal Flash and Orange Bucktail or Artic Fox Guard Hair
Butt: Fl. Orange Uni-yarn
Wingcase: Brown 2mm Hareline foam and a small pad of Orange 2mm foam
Body: Deer Spinning Hair
Legs: Black and Orange Medium Round Rubber
Hackle: Orange Guinea
“Wing”: Deer tied in and splayed
Throat: White Deer Belly Hair

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