October Caddis fly patterns for McKenzie and Willamette Rivers

The October Caddis is an evening hatch and is one of the most important insects for anglers chasing large trout in Oregon.

October Caddis

Fishing October Caddis Patterns like Morrish Foam Body October Caddis has been very good, but it never hurts to drop a pupae pattern off of one of the high floating dries, try a Possie Bugger, Prince, or October Phat Ass.

For those of you wanting to tie your own, check out our patterns:

Extended body October Caddis
Steelhead October Caddis Wet
October Caddis Pupae
Sea-run cuttrhoat October Caddis
Foam Hi-Vis October Caddis

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1 Response to October Caddis fly patterns for McKenzie and Willamette Rivers

  1. AMG PHD says:

    FYI, Just fished most of McCloud and Upper Sac over the weekend. OCT Caddis are hatching everywhere. But most were caught on Red Copper John Nymphs. The 5 to 7 pm “Hatch” was full of BWO, PMD and Oct Caddis, However they liked the littlest Yellow Stonefly hatch most.

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