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This is the Squidro Fly video series our fly-tying readers/viewers have been waiting for. Time to leave the messy details and the blah blathering in the dust and just get down to tie three of our Squidro fly patterns. We thank and acknowledge the creativity and fly tying skills of Scott Howell. These flies and the methods represent our best shot to date at tying a Squidro fly that is close to the fly that Scott ties. We share what we have learned so far, in order to help our fellow tiers get rocking this season. Our Squidro flies do not have the cool grizzly wings that many of Scott’s flies do, but these catch fish anyway, and we leave it to your discretion as to whether or not you add your wings, or top your Squidro with Ostrich, Fox, or Krystal flash

Chris and I invite you to browse these videos and help us build on our experience base over the coming year. A Lot of winter and summer steelhead are going to get a look at rubber legs, we think.

Jay Nicholas
January 2012

Winter Squidro

Shank: 35-55mm
Stinger Loop: Fire Line or Maxima 25lbs+
Butt: Chartreuse Ice Dub
Rear Rubber Legs: Fly Enhancer Blue/blk
Rear Dub: Purple Ice Dub/Black StS mix
Body: Holo Silver Lagartun Flat Braid
For Rubber: Crazy Legs fl. fuscia purple tip
For Dub: Purple Ice Dub/black sts mix
Eyes: Plated Lead Eyes
Head: Black STS Dub


Squidro “Mini”

Shank: 35-45mm
Thread: Lagartun 150D
Stinger Loop: Fire-Line or Maxima 25lbs+
Butt: Ice Dub UV Hot Pink
Body: Holo Silver Lagartun Flat Braid
Front Rubber: Loco Legs Bonefish Pink
Front Dub: Ice Dub Fl Shell Pink
Eyes: Balz Eyes


Electric Blue Squidro

Shank: 45-55mm
Thread: Lagartun 150D Black
Stinger Loop: Fireline or Maxima 25+
Butt: STS Blue and Steelie Blue Ice dub
Rear Rubber: Crazy Legs Purple Electric blue
Rear Dub: Black STS
Body: Silver Holographic Flat Braid
Front Rubber Legs: Enhancer Legs Blue/Black
Front Dub: same as butt
Eyes: Medium Plated Lead
Head: same as front dub

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3 Responses to Squidro Fly Tying Videos

  1. Joe W. says:

    Awesome series on a cool fly! I love that mini squidro, got to hit the vise for some of those.

  2. Rob R says:

    Kids these days! What is this world coming to??

  3. Andy says:

    You guys are prolific.

    Good ideas for vise work during the flood.

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