Chinook Report from Jay Nicholas in Tillamook Bay


Honest reporting here at, Jay Nicholas sent this to me “real-time” this afternoon but I was so busy fielding calls from women seeking feathers ( super impossible to get feathers) I couldn’t get the post up till now.

tillamook salmon fly fishing

T-bay is dark. Scattered showers. Minus tide. No fish showing. Fished usual and new spots. Big rabbit tubes and stripe tail comets RR style. Trollers were mostly drawing blanks. Moved sled many times. Even tried trolling fly 4 awhile. Anchored just off channel where trollers were cruising past. Switched to type 6 shooting head to compensate for swift flow in channel. Cast to edge of rip. No count down here, just cast and swing then strip after hangdown.

Third swing here gave up great tug. Fish. Well over twenty pounds, maybe 25. Fought close to boat for good 10 minutes. Still unmanageable. Got out on sand. Fish ran 200 yards cross bay – slow, deliberate, determined. Back to beach. Shooting head on reel. Off again into backing. Three boats of guide clients circle and offer support and cheers. I move clumsily in mud that clings to ankles and threatens to topple me.

I am enjoying this great gift and resolve to smile and laugh if hook pulls free. This great strong spring chinook finally succumbs – and ……..

This fish is admired. Bled. I call my son David in Portland. He is at work. Can you run over here and take this salmon? Yeah Dad. Be there by 2, 2:15 latest.

Love you son.

Love U 2 dad.

Wow. Just another day in chinook paradise.


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10 Responses to Chinook Report from Jay Nicholas in Tillamook Bay

  1. Bill says:

    Jay, we talked a while ago. So happy for you. U2 Dad….. What song would you add to that? Congratulations!!

  2. G Hatten says:

    Outstanding post… well done brother.

  3. miguel says:

    …still unmanageable, slow, deliberate, determined….sounds familiar.
    you are a megastud.

  4. Rob R says:


  5. Bob Baggarley says:

    Awesome stuff, Jay. Just awesome!

  6. Two dogs says:

    Really nice, Jay. You are one lucky dude…… Everyone I know is very jealous of you.

    Many tight lines to you my friend,


  7. Jeff Mishler says:


    You are my hero. I’ve had two encounters in that very spot. One was short. The other encounter resulted in the insane springer leaving the pool, ( a very big pool as you know) and heading around a big obstacle, (you know which one) and finally saying, “See Ya!”, leaving me with a lot of line to reel in.

    Still O’fer.


  8. Josh says:

    It seems I am always looking for ways to learn a little bit about fly fishing. I came across your tying tutorials which lead to this blog. I wanted to say I appreciate you passing on some of your knowledge on tying, as I have learned a tremendous amount.
    I am glad that in this super over-hyped sport, that sometimes there are a few resonable people out there like yourself. You seem to have an artists sensibility about you, and that is hard to portrait in the day and age (especially over the net). You remind me why I am trying to pass some of these traditions to my daughters. Thanks from Idaho.

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