Oregon fly fishing links: Felt ban update edition

It doesn’t look like Oregon will be banning felt soles this year, as HB 2338 got stuck in committee. TU testified in favor of the felt sole ban, but ODFW did not support the measure.

British Columbia fertilizing its fisheries: Young steelhead and salmon grew dramatically in streams seeded with sacks of slow-release fertilizer, a method that shows real promise to help rebuild collapsed spawning populations, according to B.C. biologists. Steelhead fry in treated areas are typically about 95% larger than those in untreated streams, while coho fry are about 40% bigger. Fish counts in the Keogh River found a 50% increase in the number of coho that survived the freshwater stage of life.

Check out this awesome Coastal Cutthroat Video:

Behind the bubble curtain: The Underwater World of Coastal Cutthroat Trout from David Saiget on Vimeo.

Sign up for the Chewaucan Challenge: Come and enjoy a unique challenge on a beautiful unspoiled and nearly unfished river. Visit Eastern Oregon’s best fly-fishing river and test your skills. Three days of fishing the wild Chewaucan River while visiting the rural community of Paisley, Oregon and its 220 friendly residents! The Chewaucan Challenge is a 3-person, catch and release team event held annually over fathers day weekend in Paisley, Oregon.

A new issue of Catch Magazine is out, featuring some O’Keefe Cuba action.

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2 Responses to Oregon fly fishing links: Felt ban update edition

  1. David Jensen says:

    I am going for my annual Wallowa river steelhead winter adventure this week. Has anyone out there fished the Wallowa, Grande Ronde, or Imnaha lately? If so, can you drive yet to the confluence of the Wallowa and Grande Ronde? What flies are working, and what are not. Thanks.

  2. Steve says:

    David’s video is great, by far the best I’ve seen… Thank’s guys for putting it up…

    It’s on my facebbok page right now!!!

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