Pro Tube Bass Fly Tying Video: The Cascade Bass Master using Pro Tube Fly Systems

Pro Tube cascade bass master

Barrett’s proven Cascade Lake and beyond Bass fly evolves further in this instructional fly tying video. The Killer Bass fly is constructed on a Pro Tube Micro Tube. The Micro Tube allows one to choose different hook configurations, and reduce wear and tear on the fly when landing fish. The pattern can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes depending upon season and target species.

Cascade Killer Bass Pattern on a Pro Tube Micro Tube

Tube: Pro Tube Micro Tube
Eyes: Wapsi Lead Eyes Plated
Thread: Ultra Thread Black
Tails: Wapsi Fly Tails
Body: Large Black Cactus Chenille
Skirt/Hackle: Hareline Crazy Legs Black/Blue Flake and Blue/Silver Flake

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