Brian O Keefe to show Cuba Pics at the Shop Jan 18th 12-1pm.

Awesome Belize Permit shot by Brian O'Keefe

If you have every seen Brian O Keefe’s photos, you know how great this guy shoots fly fishing photographs. Brian has been a fixture on the landscape of fly fishing for over 30 years now. Lately he is best know for the best online magazine in fly fishing Catch Magazine. Check out our interview with him back in 2008. Brian just called and said he will be passing through town on his way south. Lap top in hand he is going to give a quick show of his latest incredible trip to Cuba. I have seen these shots folks and they are awesome.

If you have interest in fishing in Cuba, saltwater fly fishing in general or just want to see some incredible fly fishing photos stop on by.–CD

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2 Responses to Brian O Keefe to show Cuba Pics at the Shop Jan 18th 12-1pm.

  1. David Jensen says:

    Many thanks to Brian for the informative presentation. The present issue of Flyfisherman has an article on Cuba flyfishing with Avalon. It just moved up on my bucket list after Brian’s presentation and the Duck’s BCS appearance.

  2. Hey, a little more warning next time. Didn’t even have a chance to get a tweet out.

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